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Everyday Salsita

In our home, there is always Sabor de Salsita salsa in the fridge. Before Tienda Salsita, we made fresh salsa in the molcajete weekly. Since 2017 and spending a lot of time in Mexico where salsa is eaten with every meal and is always availbale, our meals and kitchen is never without it. We are happy to share some simple, everyday recipes that Kathleen makes often at home with her Salsita. Sabor de Salsita
 salsa can be paired with so many more things than a chip. We invite you to be curious and explore the many different ways you can eat Sabor de Salsita.

When we receive emails or instagram messages with pictures of the food you've prepared with Salsita, it brings us so much joy. 

These recipe ideas are a guide- you can use any salsa for these, mix and match them, add Sabor de Salsita to your own, be creative in the kitchen!
  • Dollop of Chile de Árbol salsa in a cup of bone broth - maybe with rice or a poached egg
  • Use as a base for cooking beans
  • Salsa Macha spooned over poached eggs with a side piece of toast
  • Toast, butter, Chile Morita salsa
  • Base as a pasta sauce
  • Over scrambled eggs 
  • Verde Asado salsa or our fresh Salsa Verde as a salad dressing, mixed in
  • Sautéed onions with Salsa Macha
  • Roasted chicken with Salsa Macha, sautéed onions, served with avocado and rice
  • Salsa verde for stewed pork
  • Fancy hot dogs- kraut, arugula, aioli, Sabor de Salsita salsa
  • Sourdough toast, goat cheese, good olive oil, Salsa Chile Morita, topped with salad greens
  • Base as a pizza sauce
  • Base as a focaccia sauce 
  • Topping for tacos 
  • Slathered on a quesadilla
  • Scooped into the whole of an avocado
  • Added into a stir fry
  • Added into a rice bowl
  • Spooned into your mouth by itself 


Sabor de Salsita salsa can be used in so many different ways. Yes, it can served with chips and as a salsa dip but it can do so much more!  We are always experimenting in the kitchen and hope you can too! 


Buen Provecho!