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Café Rico Box

Café Rico Box

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Tienda Salsita and BUNA of Mexico City have teamed up to provide you with our Café Rico set to cook with at home. 

BUNA is Mexico City’s leading specialty coffee roaster. BUNA’s focus is on sustainable agriculture and healthy ecological impacts. 

Tienda Salsita is happy to be one of the only purveyors that is selling bags of BUNA coffee in the United States. Their coffee can be found served at Cosme in NYC and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  

We are offering a limited Café Rico Box edition featuring their coffee.  This box set includes:

BUNA Bag of coffee - 340 g 

1 Mexican piloncillo -smoky, caramelly and earthy sugar

1 large piece canela, Mexican cinnamon

1 recipe for Cafe de Olla


Café de Olla is a traditional sweet Mexican coffee drink, it translates to pot coffee. 

Using a traditional earthen clay pot will give a special flavor to the coffee. Consumed in cold climates and often in rural areas. 

Café de olla is made with ground Mexican coffee, canela, and piloncillo. Optional ingredients are orange peel, anise, cardamom, and clove.