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Desde Oaxaca - Salsa Set

Desde Oaxaca - Salsa Set

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Featuring our most unique salsas. Inspired by the flavors and ingredients from Oaxaca- these salsa's use specialty chiles, flying ants, and pink peppercorn to bring delicious and interesting flavors to your table. We hope you enjoy them!

  • Salsa de Chicatanas
  • Salsa de Muertos
  • Salsa Chile Piquin (con Pimienta Rosa)


Salsa de Chicatanas - A deep and earthy flavor that resembles toasted nuts and ... well... Chicatanas. It’s a flavor that is unusual and of itself. Try some!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Chicatana ants, garlic, lime juice, salt.

4 oz.

Salsa de Muertos - A new Salsa! A spicy, oil based, salsa made with locally grown Cayenne Chiles from our friends at Blue Leg Farm. It has a toasted, charred, and fiery flavor! 

Ingredients: Olive oil, toasted chile cayenne, garlic, sesame seeds, vinegar, salt.

4 oz.

Salsa Chile Piquin con Pimienta Rosa - Made with toasted coriander, pink peppercorn from Oaxaca, Mexican oregano and spicy chile piquin. This salsa has a toasted, naturally sweet, herb flavor that is perfectly balanced with a quick med/high heat.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, chile, coriander, mexican oregano, lime juice, garlic, salt.

9 oz.